How multilingual lessons enhance the language learning

A thesis carried out by a researcher of LAELA at Jaume I University, Sofía Martín Laguna, shows evidences about how profitable is to learn in different languages at the same time and how languages can be benefited from the rest.

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CLIL offers a wide range of advantages to students since they have the opportunity to improve they language skills while learning a subject.


Are you corious? Atlasify, the chemistry of everything

Researches from McCormick University y Minnesota University have develop a new web browser that shows the results in maps and periodic tables.


This amazing tool is called Atlasify and despite that the project is on going, the current results are of interest.


InterMatia, interactive tool to reinforce maths

PlataformaXY, a spin off of Sevilla University, is aimed to develop tools that support learning process. The company has recently developed a mathematics web-site where secondary and high school students have access to information and exercices.


The tool automatically generates exercices that are adapted to different levels, as well as a deep explanation of the right solution.

Further information: https://www.intermatia.com/home.php


Entrepreneurship starts at school

Why to speak about entrepreneuship in the University? Although in the university students learn how to set up their own business, the development of the capacity of analyzing data, identifying opportunities and designing novel and innovative solutions should start at schools. Teachers can contribute to the development of new entrepreneurs through motivation and HOT (Higher Order Thinking)

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