States of Matter: Solid, Liquid and Gases

Here is Mr. Beaker, a scientist that clearly explains the state of matter with examples. It is a funny way of learning. Let´s learn!!!



The influence of green spaces on cognitive development


There are a lot of factors that influence childrens´ cognitive development. The environment and the surroundings are among them. The result of a study carried out by the “Centro de Investigación en Epidemiología Ambiental”, conclude that green spaces at schools and in the surroundings contribute to improve working memory and reduce inattentiveness.

According to “Global Health Observatory (GHO)” data, it is estimated that by 2017 a majority of the people will be living in urban areas. Therefore, how policymakers are going to face the challenge of making greener schools?

Further information: Green spaces and cognitive development in primary schoolchildren

A role model, miss Marita Roselló

Col.legi Claret Xativa

It was in 1990 when I started the 3rd course of EGB (Basic General Education, official school system in the 90´s) in Col·legi Claret Xàtiva. My teacher was Miss Marita Roselló, a woman with large experience in teaching and whose vocation was to educate children in a global way.

In that time, students had a high respect to their teachers but in this case it was more than respect, it was admiration. When Miss Marita was explaining the lesson, everybody was paying attention and following what she was saying without disturbing. She explained us not only maths, science and Spanish language (grammar and vocabulary) but also she taught us manners and values, how to manage our feelings and how to give our support to other classmates.

I clearly remember when my friend Vanesa arrived to the school. She was new in the city and therefore in my school. Miss Marita explained us that a new classmate had just arrived to Xativa and that she had not friend. She told us we should welcome the new girl and try to make her feel comfortable in the class and in the school. The way she taught us the importance of supporting other people influenced me and I learnt how important is to welcome others and integrate them in a new group (sooner or later we are the new ones in a class or in a work place and we would appreciate that other make the same with us).

Miss Marita was who built up our capability of team working and the hability of setting up a specific team to solve a problem. During the two years that she was teaching me, I was involved in many different group activities that allowed me to learn how to deal with a problem, how to coordinate working groups and how to plan the activities to carry out a succesfull job. Moreover, since part of these group activities had to be presented, we all learnt the importance of the body expression; it is like it was yesterday, when she told one of my classmates the meaning of making a presentation with the hands in the pockets, “making a speech with your hands in your pockets, it gives the audience the impression that you are a lazy person”. I am fairly sure none of my classmates have given a talk with their hands in the pockets.

From my point of view, miss Marita achieved her purpose. Being aware of the importance of the education, she used all the resources she knew at that moment to teach her pupils not only about the mandatory subjects but also about something more important what are values and manners. These skills are the ones we will never forget and will help us to face problems and to make life easy.

Nowadays, miss Marita is retired and when any of her pupils see her in the street, we refer to her saying “hello miss Marita, how are you doing today?” She will be always “Miss” Marita.

When I become a teacher I would like to do the same, transfer to my pupils those skills, values and habits that will help them to deal with any situation they may be involved.


Entrepreneurship starts at school

Why to speak about entrepreneuship in the University? Although in the university students learn how to set up their own business, the development of the capacity of analyzing data, identifying opportunities and designing novel and innovative solutions should start at schools. Teachers can contribute to the development of new entrepreneurs through motivation and HOT (Higher Order Thinking)

Emprender desde la Universidad