The influence of green spaces on cognitive development


There are a lot of factors that influence childrens´ cognitive development. The environment and the surroundings are among them. The result of a study carried out by the “Centro de Investigación en Epidemiología Ambiental”, conclude that green spaces at schools and in the surroundings contribute to improve working memory and reduce inattentiveness.

According to “Global Health Observatory (GHO)” data, it is estimated that by 2017 a majority of the people will be living in urban areas. Therefore, how policymakers are going to face the challenge of making greener schools?

Further information: Green spaces and cognitive development in primary schoolchildren


Entrepreneurship starts at school

Why to speak about entrepreneuship in the University? Although in the university students learn how to set up their own business, the development of the capacity of analyzing data, identifying opportunities and designing novel and innovative solutions should start at schools. Teachers can contribute to the development of new entrepreneurs through motivation and HOT (Higher Order Thinking)

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