Learning from the best

Learning by looking at the best is inherent in human. Children try to do almost everything like the most advantaged student in class, with the aim of being at least as good as him/her. What happens when you grow up? When you are adult you are more conscious and thus you search for reference people that could help you to improve any skill or capacity.

Teamwork and Leadership with education symbol represented by two human heads shaped with gears with red and gold brain idea made of  cogs representing the concept of intellectual communication through technology exchange.



Methodology to continue improving chemistry teaching

Since chemistry is everywhere, there are a lot of experiences that could be designed to be carried out in the laboratory (at school) and examples that could awake the interest of students for chemistry reactions.

Taking into consideration Bloom´s taxonomy and from my personal experience, the way you acquire the knowledge influences on your remember. For this reason, I consider that the methodology, resources and evaluation criteria used in class are critical for students understanding and assimilation.

In this sense, I would like to be involved in training courses focused on methodology knowledge transfer.

In the countries with high PISA index, there are schools that have designed novel methodologies to teach chemistry. In some cases methodologies are based on learning by doing to motivate students and to encourage them to continue learning. The methodologies include class explanations, solving theoretical problems, outdoor experiments, frequent experiments in laboratory and industrial plant visits where chemical reactions take place.

From my point of view, the best way of learning is by doing. Therefore, I would say that these sorts of courses might be a combination of observation (how other teachers manage the methodology and students motivation) and implementation in real conditions (either in our own class or in the class of the teacher who is teaching us). Since we are teaching the subject in English, it would be even better if those teachers that are transferring their knowledge use this language as well.

In conclusion, a transfer of knowledge from the best teachers or schools and learning by doing would be from my point of view the key aspects of a perfect training course.



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